RELAID brings innovation and commercial change to relate to today's market needs: new propositions, new collaborations

RELAID offers solutions for Commerce and Service Innovation to healthcare companies (medical devices, pharma, medical services). This involves developing (new) services for various stakeholders to increase added value and true impact in the healthcare system. Also it concerns developing new commercial models including a.o.: (key) account management, pricing, customer centric working and value proposition. We always focus on: delivering real solutions, creating actual results, working lean and most economically.

RELAID partners also with young ventures to unlock existing innovation, improve commercialization and increase likelihood of innovation success.


Today's healthcare environment is full of challenges and transformations related to new regulations, information transparency and technological advancements. Therefore organizations change. More than in previous decades. However established organizations often have difficulties to realize working innovation and to change their commercial organization effectively. Innovations often lack consumer centric development, organizational integration and visible returns. Organizations often do not have the right and sufficient resources. Commerce often lacks modern propositions (needs do have changed), integrated strategies (key account management+ pricing a.o.) and customized tools and coaching for sales professionals (one size does not fit all). It is also interesting to see that young ventures often have great new innovations and are relatively fast in developing those. However they also experience huge challenges in connecting with the market (market understanding) and in commercializing their solutions.


RELAID embraces the opportunities that come along with the changing market and we are there to support organizations in ultimately generating ongoing positive impact on patients and healthcare in general.

Based on our expertise, experience and relationships we offer:

  • Consultancy: knowledge, ideas, guidance, models, feedback
  • Management: project- and interim management
  • Connections: companies, start-ups, experts

Together we can build innovative and distinctive solutions, better strategies, modern communication and more effective teams. We believe in lean development. Make it practical with focus on what has to be realized. And keep it cost effective. We offer brains and hands depending on your needs.


We can facilitate a truly creative process and bring structure to innovation activities. We can help to shape the right conditions, guide the innovation process and help to avoid pitfalls. We can generate overview in existing innovations (why inventing the wheel twice if there are other organizations and start-ups with.....), help to select and make introductions and connections.  We connect start-ups, innovations and established firms to maximize successrate, returns and speed.


RELAID can analyse the market, the organization and design commercial models and strategies around value proposition, market communication, customer centric working processes and culture, key account management, pricing a.o. Additionally we can help to activate these strategies with project-management, interim-management and training & coaching.